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Olivia Dejonge

Who is Olivia Dejonge?

April 27, 2023

Olivia Dejonge – A Breakthrough in the Hollywood Movie Industry

Olivia Dejonge is an Australian actress who achieved great success in the Hollywood movie industry. She has starred in numerous short films, an Australian TV series and an American feature film. She made her breakthrough role as Becca in M. Night Shyamalan’s quirky, found-footage horror movie “The Visit.” Additionally, she appeared in Netflix series “Better Watch Out” and TV show “Will.”

Elvis the biopic

Baz Luhrmann’s biopic of rock and roll superstar Elvis Presley has been widely praised by critics and fans alike, with Austin Butler earning particular accolades for his portrayal of The King. But it’s not just Butler who’s getting recognition; actress Olivia Dejonge (Priscilla Presley) also making headlines with her performance in this film.

Dejonge has quickly become one of Australia’s hottest actors due to her role as Priscilla. So much so, that Lisa Marie Presley herself has praised her performance! In addition to her outstanding performance as Priscilla, she’s an accomplished actress in her own right. She has won multiple awards and been featured on TV shows; however, many people don’t know that she is also a talented musician!

Olivia Dejonge combines her love for music and acting in this film, showing off both talents. She enjoys performing as well as writing and creating her own songs; in fact, she’s had a blog since 2014. Her acting career has been a great success, so she was eager to try her hand at playing Elvis Presley. She says that she was delighted to play the iconic rock and roll musician in this film as well as collaborate with actors like Tom Hanks and Austin Butler.

Finally, the film’s best moments come when it showcases Elvis Presley at his peak performance. We all know and love Elvis as a charismatic performer, but Luhrmann ensures to show how he became that way by focusing on what set him apart from other musicians.


Australian actress Olivia Dejonge has won over many hearts with her role as Priscilla Presley in Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis. At 24 years old, Olivia faced a tall order when cast for the film but managed to deliver an unforgettable performance.

Dejonge began acting at the age of eight, developing her craft in voiceover work and short films. Her breakthrough role was Becca in M. Night Shyamalan’s The Visit, in which she portrays a young girl visiting her grandparents’ Pennsylvania farmhouse who ends up filming “Blair Witch Project”-style videos of herself and her family.

Dejonge also starred as Alice in the TV series Will, a fictionalized account of William Shakespeare’s coming-of-age. Though Dejonge found the series initially tedious and stuffy, she eventually came around to appreciating its fresh take on Shakespeare’s works.

Dejonge has starred in such films as Hiding, The Visit and Will, as well as several other movies and shows. She was part of Netflix teen drama The Society, TNT series Will for a short period of time, HBO Max’s true crime limited series The Staircase.

Elle Australia recently profiled Dejonge as a brand ambassador for Bulgari, an Italian luxury fashion house. While she usually opts for traditional outfits, Dejonge has recently been seen wearing more modern pieces like Jonathan Simkhai’s backless dress which she styled with Bulgari jewellery and shoes on Tuesday.

The Visit

Olivia DeJonge began acting at the age of eight and has since been featured in various voiceover roles, short films, an Australian television series and a starring role in an American independent feature film. In 2015 she earned her breakthrough role as one of the lead characters in M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Visit.”


After the movie, she worked steadily in television, including a starring role on “Will,” an HBO limited series based on Netflix documentary about Kathleen and Michael Peterson who were accused of murdering their daughter under mysterious circumstances.

Her next project was a role in the musical retelling of Elvis Presley’s rise to fame, “Elvis,” set for release in 2022. According to USA Today, she will portray Priscilla Presley – King Elvis’ wife – in this film.

DeJonge sought out acting coach Samantha Bennett to help her understand the physicality required for Presley’s character. To achieve the ideal look, DeJonge reworked both her body and face shape to achieve the ideal proportions.

She also collaborated with Joanna Gleason, a makeup artist. This proved beneficial as she assisted her in finding the ideal shade of lipstick to complement her hair.

DeJonge recently showed off her flawless complexion in two bedroom selfies, wearing rose-colored lip gloss and peach blush as well as a lush set of false lashes.

She posted another image from the set of “Elvis” with her husband Jason Mitchell. In it, she wears a black tank top with stacked gold and white Cartier LOVE rings, captioning the photo “I hope you have an absolutely beautiful day.”

The Society

Olivia Dejonge is an Australian actress best know for her roles as Tara Swift / Shaneen Quigg on ABC1’s Hiding, Becca in The Visit and Elle in Netflix’s American mystery teen drama show The Society. Additionally, she stars in horror movie Scare Campaign and was part of fictionalized series about William Shakespeare’s coming-of-age, Will.

She’s a social media star who has gained notoriety with her daring content and body positivity. Recently, she held a fundraiser to help cover college tuition expenses, and already has received offers to join the cast of an upcoming TV series and role on an upcoming horror flick.

Her fundraising efforts have earned her an immense amount of love and support from her followers. Who say her content has made a difference in the lives of sexual assault survivors. At events, people have shared how her content has helped them navigate their own experiences with sexual assault and eating disorder histories.

On the day of her fundraising campaign, she posted a tweet that went viral. In less than 24 hours, it had received over 162 million impressions. “I’m raising funds to cover my college tuition. I don’t know where this journey will lead me, but it promises to be exciting!”

Within two days, she had reached her goal of $50,000. She kept her followers updated on her progress and received a resoundingly positive response to her posts.

She is now living in Texas, and plans to begin college as a political science major next semester. Additionally, she plans on working on more fundraisers as well as speaking at events about reproductive rights and advocacy.

Scare Campaign

In 2016, the Australian satirical slasher film Scare Campaign became a cult hit. Starring Olivia Dejonge as Abby, a perceptive girl who helped her team solve a case about Foxworth Hall.

Olivia is an elite agent of the Fringe Division, Alternate Universe’s secret government sector. She collaborates with partners Charlie Francis and Lincoln Lee on cases that often get attention. Their witty banter serves them well, as they employ it to their advantage.

She has earned a reputation as an impressive agent, but she also possesses an emotional side to her character. This was demonstrate in “Forced Perspective,” when an Observer paid her an unexpected visit and informed her of impending death.

When Olivia discovers her husband has a secret obsession, Olivia becomes determined to protect them from Foxworth Hall’s evils. However, things don’t always go according to plan; ultimately she comes to her own conclusions about the situation and attempts to make sense of life while trying to keep her family safe.

Olivia grew up watching presidential debates and has always been politically engage. But she says she’s never feel more passionate about politics than now. She uses her public profile to highlight Texas candidates. Such as Beto O’Rourke in the governor’s race and Rochelle Garza for attorney general. Additionally, Olivia helps raise money for abortion services by posting TikToks and campaigning alongside O’Rourke.

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