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casey aldridge

Who Is Casey Aldridge?

November 18, 2022

He’s best known as the expectant father of Jamie Lynn Spears’ baby casey aldridge, but former classmates and teachers remember Casey Aldridge as a popular joker who could talk his way out of anything.


“Casey is one of those boys who really has a lot going for him,” says a former teacher at Amite School Center, where Aldridge lettered in football and baseball, served as senior class president and graduated in May 2007. “He’s handsome, smart and very, very charming.”

casey aldridge

And at 6’1″ and 165 lbs, Aldridge’s magnetism caught the eye of the girls. “He is athletic,” says the teacher, “and down here in the south, athletes are gods, so he had his share of adoring fans.”


One of those fans was Spears, who started dating Aldridge about two years ago. “Casey really like being known for dating Jamie Lynn,” says a former classmate. “He thought it was really cool that he was dating someone famous. And you could just tell that he loved the attention.”


He also loved to have a good time. “If there was a prank, he was involve,” says the classmate. “Things like sending around a note in class for everyone to cough at [the same time].”


Despite the mischief that he got in during high school, teachers say that his charm kept him from ever getting into much trouble. “There was a little part of [Leave it to Beaver‘s] Eddie Haskell in him,” says his former teacher. “He’d say, ‘You look very nice today. Is that a new dress?’ And you’d be wondering, ‘What’s this kid’s angle?’ The difference between him and Eddie Haskell is that Casey’s angle was that he truly wanted you to like him, and wanted to give you a compliment.”


An average student – “He had the capability to do much better academically,” says a teacher – Aldridge briefly considered community college before taking a job as a pipe fitter in Baton Rouge.


Despite Casey’s high school exploits, those who know him believe he will be a good father. “When he decides that something is the right thing to do, he is very effective,” says his teacher. “If he decides he’s going to be a great father, he will do whatever it takes to do a good job, whether that means working construction to support the baby, or reading books about how to change diapers.”

The actress talked a lot about her ex Casey Aldridge (whom she calls “Casper”) in her book Things I Should Have Said. Casey is the father of her daughter Maddie, whom she gave birth to when she was only 16 years old. No doubt that was a difficult time for the young Nickelodeon alum. But Casey’s sister Ashley Aldridge Havard remembers things a lot differently than JL described in her memoir.


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In fact, in a new interview, Ashley doesn’t have many good things to say about her almost-sister-in-law.

WOW. That is a HUGE revelation if true. It also echoes some of the things Jamie Lynn herself wrote about her mom Lynne Spears and their parents’ relationship. How awful.


Ashley talked at length about her family’s heartbreak over the loss of their relationship with Maddie. She shared that her brother hadn’t seen his daughter in two years. Claiming Jamie Lynn cut off all contact with the entire family. (When Casey’s family was around, Ashley felt that JL looked at them with “hatred in her eyes”: “It was always just like, ‘Ugh, they’re here.’”)


Regarding the adoption — in which their daughter became “Maddie Watson” instead of Aldridge — Ashley explain that her brother was coerced into signing away his rights because he couldn’t pay his child support after experiencing a pay cut at work. In her words, he was face with the option to either go to jail or agree to the adoption, so he eventually conceded. She reiterate that he never gave up on the relationship. And speculated that Maddie had been pressured into accepting the adoption:

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Of the mysterious Lou Taylor, Britney’s business manager and a major player in the Spears drama, Ashley dished:


“Miss Lou was like, the one who made all of the decisions. Whatever miss Lou said that you needed to do is what you needed to do. And if Miss Lou called and said that you needed to do something different, then thats what you did. I do have one example I thought of. Whenever Casey and Jamie Lynn bought the house in Liberty Casey wanted to go to, obviously. He wanted to go to the house signing.

Because they bought it with the money that they made with the OK Magazine cover that they did when Maddie was born. So they bought it together with the money that they both made. And Miss Lou told him that he didn’t need to go. Like, she refused to let him go… to the house signing. And whenever Jamie Lynn sold the house, we figured out why: it was because they didn’t even put it in Casey’s name, and he never got a dime from it. But Miss Lou was orchestrating that. That’s an example of her power, I guess you would say.”

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