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Unknown facts regarding mediatakeout that everyone should be aware of

March 7, 2023

Black Americans and celebrities are the main subjects of entertainment and celebrity news on the blog-style gossip website mediatakeout (MTO). A website called MTO focuses solely on celebrity rumors and news. The website primarily serves celebrities who are African-American, and the main page itself is covered in headlines and comments on famous people.

Fred Mwanguguhanga is the owner and developer of the urban rumor website “MTO.” He started the website in 2006, and as it grew in popularity, millions of people started to visit it every day. The MTO presently has 14 million daily page views and is a multi-million-dollar business. Mwanguguhanga is purportedly generating millions of dollars now despite having launched this website with a reported investment of less than $600.

The background of MTO (

The past of media takeaways looks to be rather intriguing. Fred Mwanguguhanga initially launched an online laundry before eventually moving into the web advertising industry. Soon after, he made the decision to quit working in the laundry business and switch to blogging. He founded mediatakeout, a website dedicated solely to news and rumors about famous people.

Later on, this website became quite popular. According to Alexa, this website is now among the top 20,000 websites globally. Every month, millions of people access the platform. You may also read about some of the most important urban celebrity stories via their sources and interviews.

 Effective mediatakeout tactics

The readers of Mediatakeout and its strong brand equity were its top priorities. Mwanguguhanga embraced the marketing approach used by online businesses like Twitter and Facebook. The strategy prioritizes audience expansion over quick profit. Also, its enormous brand value makes it the perfect component for media takeout. The website was able to charge premium advertising prices and attract reputable sources for news stories as a result.

Credible sources of illuminating material are crucial for websites like mediatakeout to increase their audience. As a result, after six months of persistent work, the site became well known all over the world.

MTO receives funding from ads, like the majority of media and news organizations. The website’s material stands out when compared to other news websites and channels. Breaking news relevant to the audience is provided on this page. The website’s existence and key features are also known to those who haven’t visited it.


 Unknown details on MTO

The headers on this website are so captivating that visitors are immediately drawn to them. Let’s now discuss some of the most crucial facts you need to be aware of.

  1. They produce unique material.

One of the company’s long-term goals is to expand its content into radio and television. They started it off by creating a legitimate dating show that is broadcast on the website’s home page.

  1. The website’s main source of traffic

In fact, the majority of website traffic is now coming from famous social networking platforms like Facebook. Since they joined Facebook, traffic has gradually increased.

  • It infuriated Kanye West

A close bond was formed between MTO and Kanye West a few years ago, but it didn’t last. The media has been critical of West’s performances at Madison Square Garden. Since then, their relationship has worsened.

  1. They have revealed several significant stories

MTO did more than merely summaries what other people were saying; they actually broke a number of significant stories. Many speculate that there may have been further stories exposed, but the team decide to keep quiet.

  1. They have frequently used provocative subtitles in the past

The mediatakeout headlines urge users to click on the website’s content. Hence, it appears that the headlines are more intriguing than the actual occurrence.

  1. Most stories are told by insiders

The majority of insider tales are present on MTO (about celebrities with whom they are close). The news is derive from those who work for famous people.

  • The most visited urban website globally

More people visit this page than any other urban website on the earth right now. Yet, there are sources that support this viewpoint.

  • It is composed in blog style

The website was originally designed as a blog, and all of the news is currently presented in a typical blog format. A single post with a largely casual tone makes up the writing.



 After beginning his profession as a lawyer, Fred Mwanguguhanga founded mediatakeout and rose to popularity all over the world. Moreover, he said that even if he stopped running his website, MTO, he wouldn’t go back to his legal career.

The MTO website’s whole collection of data reveals how many subscribers they have. It is one of the most well-liked websites for marketers and receives a lot of traffic. Despite their success, the founder and other employees are always seeking more effective and better ways to produce top-notch content. He exhorts us to put our all into all we undertake in order to maximize its potential.






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