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Island Update: Love City Easter Weekend Festivities, Parking & Beach Tips and More!

April 24, 2022

Good Morning and  news of st john Good Fri-YAY from Love City!  Today kicks off a four day weekend for many professional workers and government employees in the US Virgin Islands (YES, Easter Monday is a thing).  Here’s a couple of quick updates about the weekend and island goings on that you may want to know if you are visiting us!

FIRST-  Liquor sales of any type are prohibited in the Virgin Islands on Good Friday until 4PM.  You can’t buy it at a store and you can’t drink it at a bar.  Beer and wine do not fall under this law….So, mimosas are okay!

So, we will have to pass the hours of this beautiful Good Friday on St. John without our Painkillers and Rum Punches.  But, by Happy Hour, you’ll be good to go again.

On that note, the Beach Bar is closed today for an employee appreciation day.  Or, as we know it on island, a “snow day.”  They will resume business tomorrow morning at 11AM.

The Love City Seafood Fest is back on this weekend!  This and the pre-carnival Food Fair are two of my favorite events of the year.  If you are here, head over to Franklin Powell Park (the gazebo courtyard across from the people ferry) to get your fill of  delicious local seafood delicacies, live entertainment and a cash bar.

This is the second “annual” Love City Seafood Fest and I am SO ;looking forward to heading over to the park for dinner.  The first was the year before COVID hit and, for obvious reasons, the event has been postponed the past few years.  But, tomorrow this AWESOME festival returns to St. John from 1PM-7PM with music provided by DJ Tony and uplifting live performances from the Love City Pan Dragons and the Dynamic Dancers. news of st john

If you are headed to the beaches this weekend, you can expect them to be crowded!  The North Shore beaches, especially Hawksnest, will likely be super packed with locals and residents enjoying their extended holiday weekend.  Easter Weekend in the USVI is the equivalent of Memorial Day or Labor Day in the states as far as expecting crowds while enjoying outdoor activities.  But, don’t get frustrated…Just work around it and be flexible.  If you have your heart set on a certain beach, I would advise taking a taxi because the parking lots will likely be packed.  If there is a hiking trail or an off the beaten path beach you have been looking to explore, Saturday or Sunday might be the days to do it.  Additionally, if you are planning a boat day during your trip, this weekend will be a perfect time to do it!  Avoid the crowds with a day on the water news of st john

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