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Lindsay Lohan

Life of Lindsay Lohan – Lindsay Lohan Is Expecting a Baby With Bader Shammas

May 1, 2023

Lindsay Lohan has kept a low profile recently, but it appears she is back on track with her personal life. She recently got engaged to Bader Shammas after years of dating him, and is expecting a baby with him. Last year, Lohan and her husband tied the knot and now Lohan is pregnant! On March 14, 2023, she shared a photo of herself wearing a onesie with the caption “coming soon”.

Lindsay Lohan’s Husband

Lindsay Lohan’s husband Bader Shammas is an acclaimed financier based in Dubai. After one year together, they are expecting their first child together. Two years ago, Lohan shared an image of herself with her new husband on social media, writing that she felt “blessed and excited” about their future together. At that point in their relationship, the couple had been dating for about three years and planned to tie the knot soon. Bader Shammas, hailing from Kuwait, studied engineering and finance in the U.S. He currently works as an assistant vice president for Credit Suisse Dubai and holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of Tampa. He has achieved great success, with Life & Style reporting his net worth to be over $100 million.

Bader Shammas rarely posts to social media platforms, but he does have a private Facebook page that lists Kuwait City as his hometown. In addition, he is an ardent philanthropist who donates regularly to causes like American Red Cross. In an interview for Falling for Christmas, Lohan spoke of her “amazing husband” who is “very calm.” She even added, “I don’t believe I would be here without him” and has a close circle of people to lean on when life gets difficult.

Recently, Lohan and her husband have been seen spending time together. In 2022, she was seen cuddling up to him on a trip to London as Lohan rested her head on Shammas’ shoulder as they enjoyed lunch in Knightsbridge. Bader Shammas and Lindsay Lohan are believed to be expecting their first child, which is why they made it official on Instagram on March 14. A photo of a baby onesie was shared alongside the caption, “We are blessed and excited!”

In an October 2022 interview, Lohan spoke candidly about her relationship with Shammas. She acknowledged that he is an amazing husband and incredibly calm – just the best.” Lohan went on to express that when she needs support, she turns to him for advice; he truly is one of life’s wisest individuals.

Lindsay Lohan’s Engagement

Lindsay Lohan surprised fans when she announced her engagement to Bader Shammas in November 2021 after keeping their relationship relatively private. The Mean Girls star first sparked romance rumors by sharing an Instagram photo of herself with him in February 2020, but that was the only time she publicly revealed anything about their engagement until that fateful day.

According to The Independent, Bader Shammas and Lindsay have been dating for two years. They reportedly met while in Dubai in 2019, and have been seen together a number of times since, including at a music festival shortly before she got engaged in November 2021. When asked about their love, Lindsay replied, “He is so good to me.” She added that she has been extremely contented in her relationship with Bader; he shows great understanding and always shows support for her.

Bader and Lindsay have been together for several years, currently living in Dubai with their daughter Nakano Oceana. Lindsay Lohan appears to have finally found her ideal partner. The actress is engaged to Dubai-based businessman Bader Shammas, who has been an important part of her life for several years.

He is an incredibly stable individual, and his family and friends have shown her tremendous support. Additionally, he serves as a great father to their daughter. Her engagement ring appears to be the same style she wore during her brief engagement to Egor Tarabasov in 2016. It is made out of white gold with a square-shaped diamond, which is an increasingly common engagement ring design that can cost up to $150,000.

She is thrilled with her decision and can’t wait for the big day! Additionally, she expresses gratitude to all of the people in her life who have supported her throughout this process. Lindsay Lohan is currently living a quiet and low-key life in Dubai with her fiance Bader Shammas. He works at Credit Suisse and they’ve been together for two years. Bader has an exemplary work ethic as well as being an incredibly stable and loving individual – making him an amazing father to their daughter.

Lindsay Lohan’s Marriage

Lindsay Lohan and Bader Shammas have been happily married for over a year now. Though the couple prefers to keep their relationship under the radar, they are frequently see together in public. In February 2020, The Mean Girls actress and 35-year-old financier ignited romance rumors. Based in Dubai, where they first met, the couple has been link since.

He is a financial expert and currently works as an Assistant Vice President at Credit Suisse. Prior to that he was an associate with BNP Paribas Wealth Management. With a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of South Florida and Bachelor’s of Science in finance from John H. Sykes College of Business, his expertise is unrivaled. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Lindsay revealed her husband is “incredibly calm” and a source of strength. She confides in him when life gets challenging, knowing he’s the person she can count on for support and guidance.

Although Lohan and Shammas rarely make public appearances, they have been photograph together at events with other celebrities, including a music festival in February 2020. A now-deleted photo featured them surrounded by other famous faces with Lohan calling Shammas her “boyfriend.” They were report to have become engage in November 2021, and marry one year later on a private beach in Turkey. While the wedding was private, the couple exchanged vows at an undisclosed location.

Rumors swirl that Lindsay and Shammas are expecting their baby soon. It is believe that Shammas is the father of Lindsay’s unborn child. Lindsay and Bader began dating two years before they tied the knot in 2022. They met while Lindsay was living in Dubai, and have kept their relationship relatively private ever since.

She has never shared photos of herself with her husband on social media platforms, but she does tag him occasionally in posts. They were recently see having lunch together in Knightsbridge neighborhood of London. He is a banker from Kuwait City and works as an Assistant Vice President at Credit-Suisse, where he’s part of their Middle East team.

Lindsay Lohan’s Baby

Lindsay Lohan and Bader Shammas are expecting their first child together. On Tuesday afternoon, the Parent Trap star revealed her pregnancy via a photo of a baby onesie featuring the message, “coming soon”. Her Instagram post read, “We are bless and excited!”. Her celebrity friends could not help but congratulate her – including actresses Elizabeth Gillies and Amanda Seyfried as well as Italian fashion designer Donatella Versace who all offered their best wishes.

Though Bader and Lohan have only  marry for a year. They have already begun their family, according to a source. They own a home in Dubai where Lindsay Lohan has stated they intend to raise their children. Though she has yet to open up about her relationship with Shammas. The actress often compliments him on her podcast – suggesting she adores him greatly. In a November 2022 interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, she even referred to him as her “husband,”. By saying he is one of the wisest people she knows and provides her with invaluable advice.

Shammas has been with Lohan for two years as an Assistant Vice President at Credit Suisse. And previously an associate at BNP Paribas Wealth Management. A native of Kuwait City, Shammas earned his Bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from the University of South Florida. Before pursuing a career in finance from the University of Tampa.

He prefers to keep his personal life private, and his Instagram profile is rather quiet. Nevertheless, his impressive portfolio has earned him widespread recognition. Shammas loves spending time with his family, going on vacations together, and dining out at restaurants. He’s an avid golf fanatic and enjoys traveling extensively. After an extended absence from acting, Lohan has recently returned to the industry. She narrated Lovestruck High and was cast in two Netflix holiday movies this year. After being married for less than a year, Lohan and Shammas are thrilled to be growing their family. Currently enjoying an idyllic staycation at a luxurious resort in Dubai, the couple looks very contented.

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