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gavin casalegno

Gavin Casalegno: facts about The Summer I Turned Pretty actor you need to know

November 25, 2022

gavin casalegno

Who is Gavin Casalegno?

Gavin Casalegno is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite heartthrob. Ever since The Summer I Turned Pretty debuted on Prime Video, viewers have been obsessed with Gavin Casalegno and his portrayal of Jeremiah Fisher. Get to know the rising star and everything he’s been in here. [Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Prime Video]


Gavin Casalegno age

How old he is

Gavin Casalegno was born in 1999. His birthday is September 2rd. He is 23 years old. As for the zodiac calendar, his star sign is Virgo. [@gavincasalegno via Instagram]


How tall Gavin Casalegno is

It is 6 feet tall. This makes his height 1.83 metres. [@gavincasalegno via Instagram]


Where is Gavin Casalegno from?

Gavin Casalegno is American. He was born in Lewisville, Texas and is still based in the US for his acting work. Gavin is also of Italian ancestry. In 2013, he tweeted: “Researching my ancestors! From #Primeglio #Italy between #Turin and #Milan So cool! Can’t wait to visit someday!” [@gavincasalegno via Instagram]


Who plays Jeremiah in The Summer I Turned Pretty?

Gavin Casalegno is the actor who plays Jeremiah Fisher in The Summer I Turned Pretty. Jeremiah is a golden boy who loves his brother Conrad deeply. However, their relationship is put to the test when they both fall for the same girl. The Summer I Turned Pretty is an adaptation of the Jenny Hahn novel of the same name. [Prime Video]



How old is Jeremiah in The Summer I Turned Pretty?

Unlike Gavin Casalegno, who is 19 in real life, Jeremiah is 17 when The Summer I Turned Pretty begins. He is about a year younger than his brother Conrad. At the end of the trilogy of books, he is around 25. [Prime Video]


Is Jeremiah gay in The Summer I Turned Pretty?

Unlike the books, Jeremiah is queer in The Summer I Turned Pretty. He has relationships with both girls and guys in the series. He doesn’t identify as gay or bisexual though. Jenny Han told TV Line: “I would say he’s sexually fluid. He is a young person who’s figuring out where he falls”. As for Gavin Casalegno, he’s never actually commented on his sexuality, but he is currently in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend Larsen Thompson. [Prime Video]



Gavin Casalegno is close friends with Lola Tung in real life

As well as playing on-screen love interests in The Summer I Turned Pretty, Gavin Casalegno and Lola Tung are good friends in real life. They regularly appear on each other’s social media feeds and are adorable in interviews together. [Prime Video]


Who plays Trevor in Walker?

Gavin Casalegno stars as Trevor Strand in Walker alongside Jared Padalecki. Trevor is Clint’s son who becomes close with Stella. Trevor is Gavin’s first recurring role in a TV series. [The CW]


The Vampire Diaries Damon actor


The Vampire Diaries fans will no doubt recognise Gavin Casalegno from his guest role in the show. The rising star played a young version of Damon Salvatore in 2015 shortly after he first started working as a child actor. [The CW]


What shows and movies has Gavin been in?

Before The Summer I Turned Pretty, Gavin Casalegno has appeared in roles in hit series including Walker and The Vampire Diaries. He’s also acted in films such as Noah, Nine Seconds and The Unhealer. [Paramount Pictures]


Does he have a girlfriend?

Gavin Casalegno is currently in a relationship with model Larsen Thompson and they regularly appear on each other’s social media feeds. On Larsen’s 21st birthday, Gavin took to Instagram to write: “Words can’t explain the joy you put into people’s life. Especially mine. You are an answered prayer, you are a blessing to me and the whole world. I’m the luckiest and happiest guy in the world.”


How long have Gavin Casalegno and Larsen Thompson been together?

Gavin Casalegno and Larsen Thompson first started dating each other as teenagers in 2016. They have now been together for over six years. As well as being a model, Larsen is a dancer, singer and a popular TikTok star.

Is he a Christian

Gavin Casalegno is a Christian. He often shows himself listening to worship music and reading his bible on social media. In June 2022, he also posted a video of him with his bible on TikTok, reacting to a fan freaking out over the fact that he’s a Christian. Gavin even played the angel Gabriel in a 2012 Christian movie called I Am Gabriel.



What is Gavin Casalegno’s net worth?

As it stands there is no official information regarding Gavin Casalegno’s net worth online. However, Prime Video salaries can range from $15,000 per episode to $100,000 per episode depending on how famous an actor is. Given that Gavin has a leading role in The Summer I Turned Pretty, it’s likely that he’s earned a pretty impressive amount from the show.


Is Gavin Casalegno on Instagram?

Yes. Gavin Casalegno is all over Instagram. You can follow him via @gavincasalegno to keep up to date with all of his antics and see candid photos of him with his girlfriend, friends and castmates. [@gavincasalegno via Instagram]


gavin casalegno

Is Gavin on TikTok?

Gavin Casalegno has a TikTok account. His username is @gavincasalegno and he has over 2.2 million followers on the platform. The actor regularly does challenges and posts Outfit of the Day videos on the platform.

Is Gavin on Twitter?

Gavin Casalegno is on Twitter. He doesn’t use the platform as much as Instagram and TikTok but you can follow him via @gavincasalegno to see all of his tweets. [@gavincasalegno via Instagram]

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