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Tacos El Gordo

Boost your calories with the best tacos served at Tacos El Gordo

March 9, 2023

Known for their superiority and quality, Tacos El Gordo have gained a following. The support that Gordo provides to its consumers spans all aspects. Being a part of their family, they respect each and every one of their customers. Tacos El Gordo serves tostadas, sopes, and quesadillas. In addition, the region has some of the best tacos.

The most qualified employees at Tacos El Gordo

The instant you step inside the restaurant; your senses will be in overdrive. The cleanliness of the inside received an “A.” This was given to them at a recent health examination. Tacos El Gordo are appreciative of them for their assistance as well as for sharing in their success and joy.

Ordering and serving are usually handled by one of the three short-order cooks, who specialises in a few types of meat. One focuses on tripe, tongue, and other internal parts that have been often cooked in a smoldering, carnivorous stew. A second cook uses a machete to chop hot meat and pig (adobada) off a vertical rotisserie. The final one, however, discusses the many types of steak (asada). Last but not least, a young lady assists the taco assemblers. She prepares fresh maize tortillas by pressing and grilling them before giving them to the cooks in small batches. When their supplies are low, they frequently do this. The entire kitchen staff is really kind and knowledgeable about how to help newbies through the procedure.

Tacos El Gordo

Gordo’s healthy and delicious food

Tacos are not only delicious but also a healthy and affordable meal at Gordo. You can frequently discover them quickly at restaurants while you’re on the move. They are very easy to make at home. Tacos may also be a delicious, filling, and healthy part of a meal if they are prepared properly and with the right ingredients. The exact ingredients that make up a taco ultimately determine its level of healthfulness.

Nowadays, tacos are practically always available, from Chipotle to your local street vendor. Each venue has something special to offer, whether it’s an original supper or a fusion cuisine with Mexican characteristics. Taquerias are presently starting to become more popular as Millennials start to choose “mom and pop” restaurants. Traditional Mexican food is served at these restaurants, including carnitas, barbacoa, and tacos al pastor. Less and less often, Mexican eateries Americanize their ingredients. When they present the authentic Mexican flavor, Americans fall in love with Mexico.

Tacos El Gordo

Tacos: a typical Mexican meal

These are distinct from the tacos that Americans liked in the 20th century. Both lettuce and cheese are missing. Instead, you’ll discover flavorful, soft corn tortillas that are filled with actual meat. It also includes cilantro, radish bits, onions that have been grilled, and a number of hot sauces.

It seems like tacos have a promising future. The taco is a typical Mexican meal that skilled cooks may make to taste like it’s from their own country. Due to cultural interaction, Americans like tacos more now. In the future, you could anticipate seeing more delicious fusion tacos. Contrary to popular belief, Twisted Taco provides a selection of tacos with tastes from both Mexico and other nations.

Types of fillings used in Tacos

A taco is a classic Mexican food. A little, hand-sized tortilla made of maize or wheat with a filling on top is often used to make it. After that, the tortilla is folded around the filling and eaten with your hands. To prepare tacos, a variety of fillings are often utilized. Some of these fillings include beef, pig, poultry, fish, beans, vegetables, and cheese.

Other toppings, including salsa, guacamole, or sour cream, are commonly added. As garnishes, there are lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and chilies among the veggies. Tacos are one of the most well-liked antojitos, or Mexican street foods, that have gained popularity all over the world. At Tacos El Gordo, tacos are also contrasted with foods like burritos. These tacos are often larger and folded instead of rolled. Taco shells, which are usually rolled and fried, are usually prepared before they are filled.

Tacos El Gordo

Final words

Most of the time, tacos might be a calorie-effective source of fiber and protein. By using particular condiments or additions, you can significantly boost the amount of calories, fat, and salt in a dish. Restaurant tacos are a fantastic illustration of this. At a restaurant, a single order of tacos may have more than 1,500 calories and 60 grams of fat.

Saturated fat content in tacos is definitely higher, especially when cheese and meat are often used. A healthy diet can contain this type of fat; however, it may be best to consume it in moderation. The condiment selection is less extensive than at other taco stands since they have already blended the meats with the perfect sauce. The spicier meats are specifically countered by a thin and creamy guacamole combination. The fatty pork slices are further served with a salsa made with green chilies. Each taco comes with two handmade tortillas to carry a large amount of meat. At Tacos El Gordo, the beef and pig adobada are outstanding. Consider trying the cow head or tongue to diversify your diet. Both are usually cooked for many hours in a stew to make them juicy and tender. Beef tongue is richer and thicker for beginners than beef head.




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